What is the Archeology of Cinema?

Cinema is a cultural artefact of the modern age. It is a multi- dimensional phenomenon with emphatic material imprints – locations and sets, studios and post-production suites, picture palaces, and a wealth of souvenirs and ephemera.


Despite the growing importance of the archaeology of the contemporary past – with its rich multi-disciplinary repertoires of concepts and methods – cinema has not yet been investigated archaeologically.


Our aim is to create a vibrant research group that will explore every aspect of cinema from a platform of landscapes, buildings, sets, and other material imprints.


We hope to trigger a bunch of projects, dissertations, and papers. If you feel like a pioneer and want to help create a dynamic, innovatory, multi-faceted new sub-discipline that will be active in the field and theoretically cutting-edge, please get involved.


As a sub-discipline within archaeology, cinematic history in all its forms has few reference points. As such, with the launch of the archaeology of cinema project we find ourselves working with a relatively blank canvas to. To help form and focus our research, hopefully bringing it to a wider audience, we have tried to frame the project within three main domains.

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